Saturday, November 11, 2006

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New World Press Books said...

I really enjoyed reading "The Mind Keepers!" It is a mixture of 24 and X Files---what a page-turner!

Duart said...

From: Kenneth MacLean, author of "The Mind Keepers". This is my invitation to any Google blogger to raise questions about a vital subject which, until recently, very few of us had knowledge of. I refer to the power of radio frequency electronics (Microwaves)to influence attitudes and control physical responses. The conventional name for this is "Mind Control." I have come to understand it less dramatically, as radio electronic manipulation of the brain. But for practical purposes, since the brain is the organ of thought the "staging platform" of mind, it is thought control at the least, and has the serious potential of deserving the popular terminology. While there are many well known devices that register signals from any targeted human brain (common medical devices providing brain scans for example), the use of devices involving microwave brain input while a constant in research over the last half century or more, is for obvious reasons much less well publicised. My book is an attempt to document my experience with this brain input, used on me without my agreement or conscious participation, and to dramatize its destructive potential to any society of free men, whether held by political government or any other variety of secretive power. I hope you read the book. Its readers have liked its story, but also been gripped by its sense of the threat to human freedom it suggests as not just potential, but real.